Is work burning you out? 

Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion resulting from too much stress for too long. 
It can happen to anyone, and especially female professionals in high-pressure industries who are used to taking care of everyone else before themselves.
But burnout doesn't have to define your journey. You hold the power to overcome it completely.
Discover effective tools to permanently reverse burnout, regain control, and reclaim joy in your life.

Ready to overcome these burnout symptoms and feel better again?

‚úĒ Stress & anxiety

‚úĒ Emotional & physical exhaustion s


‚úĒ Harder to meet deadlines

‚úĒ Working longer, but less productive

‚úĒ Performance slipping

‚úĒ Cynical¬†about your career

‚úĒ Self-judgment & self-criticism

‚úĒ¬†Avoiding people

‚úĒ Work feels meaningless

‚úĒ Feel trapped in career

‚úĒ Insomnia¬†due to work anxiety

Imagine a life where you regain control and find balance, even in the midst of your demanding career.


You shouldn't have to sacrifice your life for your job.  

You deserve to create a sustainable life you love, without giving up everything you've worked so hard for. 

Take the first step by booking a call to speak with me about what's not working for you and we'll make a plan to solve it. 

In the Breakthrough Burnout Program, I will show you how to get on track with simple steps you can easily fit into your life. And I guarantee that if you follow these steps, you will start feeling better within 4 weeks and emerge from burnout in 12 weeks. 


Hi, I'm Heather Mills!

Attorney & Certified Burnout Coach

As a busy class action litigator, I was beating myself up that I couldn't seem to keep up with the workload and still enjoy my life. I tried meditation, yoga retreats, volunteering, and switching jobs, but I still felt exhausted, overworked, and unfulfilled. 

It wasn't until I left the law and became a certified coach that I learned how to permanently reverse burnout. What I learned was life-changing. I became obsessed with helping other women who struggled like I had and certified as a burnout coach. 

Here's how we do it

Create your personalized plan using my simple, practical recommendations.


Get support and coaching from me each week to learn how to implement the tools into your unique life.


Permanently recover from burnout and start enjoying your work and your life again. 


Tell me more about the program

By the end of this program, you'll 

Reduce Stress & Anxiety 

Stop worrying so much about your performance, mistakes or your career trajectory. 

Work Fewer Hours

Say goodbye to overwhelm and overwork as you align your actions with your priorities. Create better boundaries, remove distractions, and increase efficiency.  

Reconnect with People

Be present with your colleagues at work - and your family at home, and actually  enjoy being around them. 

Be More Effective

Take charge of your outcomes and reclaim your influence. Begin making impactful contributions that bring forth greater creativity and higher performance.

Relight the Fire

Enjoy your work again without having to leave your job. Replace anger, frustration, and cynicism with appreciation and enthusiasm. 


Here's what other clients are saying about the Breakthrough Burnout Program. 

Mariama S. 

"This work has given me the energy to move forward. I have a better clarity. I have courage. I have confidence -- to step up and not sabotage myself -- to listen to what my emotions are telling me --  to stop disconnecting from myself. I don't get stuck anymore ... It's done wonders."


"I was looking for a transformation professionally.  And what I experienced was that - plus the deep inner work that goes with it. I feel so much more balanced. I feel a sense of peace. It feels amazing to be able to get to that place of feeling secure."

Ready to reverse burnout for good? Let's talk.

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