Hello and Welcome!

It's great to meet you.

If you're reading this now, you've probably been through a lot. I want you to know that every part of you is welcome here, even the parts you consider messy, imperfect, or "too much." 

You may be feeling resentment, frustration, blame, or even self-pity. That makes a lot of sense if you're experiencing burnout. 

When we're little, we're connected to our true selves. But as we grow up, we’re conditioned into the “way of the world.” We do what we think we're supposed to do in order to become who we think we're supposed to be. 

Unconsciously, we assumed this would bring us happiness. And when it leads to burnout instead, we lash out and want to blame someone or something. And eventually we criticize and judge ourselves and wonder, "what's wrong with me?" 

I was there too.

I wanted to get it right so badly. 

I played the good girl and did what was expected. For years I excelled in my career as a lawyer. On paper, I was successful. On the inside, I was miserable. And eventually, I burned out.

I longed for something more… More meaning, fulfillment, purpose, connection, joy, and balance.

I ended up leaving my job as a lawyer and became a certified coach.

I've spent the past ten years studying psychology, neuroscience, and dozens of different kinds of coaching tools in order to help find the "more" I was looking for - and to help women like you.

More is possible

for you too.

The "more" I was looking for was within me the whole time. And it's within you too. But we're not taught this stuff in school.

The journey starts with clearing away the fog of negative thoughts you have about yourself. They cloud the way you see the world and determine your everyday actions. With clear vision, you return to your truth at the core of you.

The connection to your true self is the key to everything. It’s how you remember your purpose and create the life of ease that you’ve always wanted.

And you don’t have to leave your job or blow up your life to do it.  

The path to wholeness and balance is available to you right now, wherever you are in your life. It's my honor and privilege (and brings me so much joy!) to walk alongside you.

Miscellaneous Facts

About Heather 

I grew up on Air Force bases, moving every few years. It led me to develop one of my greatest strengths (adaptability) which can be my biggest weakness if overused (people-pleasing).

I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and two kiddos. But I will always be a Minnesotan at heart. You can sometimes hear me slip in a "you betcha!"

My first jobs were babysitting, corn detasseling (look it up!), boxing post-it notes, and "guest service" at Target. Yep, still shop at Target. 

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