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If you're reading this, chances are you've been through quite a journey.¬†I want you to know that every facet of who you are is valued here ‚Äď even the parts you might consider messy, imperfect, or overwhelming.

You might be grappling with resentment, frustration, or self-blame, especially if you're caught in the grips of burnout. 

As children, we're in tune with our authentic selves. But as we grow, societal norms shape us into what we believe we should become. We strive to fit a mold that we thought would bring happiness. When this instead leads to burnout, we find ourselves pointing fingers and internalizing the problem, wondering, "What's wrong with me?"

I've been in that place too.

I wanted to get everything right. 

I followed the rules and met expectations, excelling in my legal career. On the surface, I looked successful. Yet inside, I was drowning in stress, anxiety, and people-pleasing. Eventually, burnout took its toll. 

I longed for something more… a deeper sense of purpose, connection, joy, and balance.

This quest led me to leave my legal practice and become a certified coach.

Over the past decade, I've delved into psychology, neuroscience, and various coaching techniques to uncover the "more" I sought - and to guide women like you toward it.

"More" is  within your reach too.

It was inside me all along, and it's within you too. But this isn't something they teach us in law school.

The journey begins with clearing away the fog of self-doubt that clouds your perspective and influences your daily choices. They cloud the way you see the world and determine your everyday actions. With a clear outlook, you reconnect with your true essence at your core.  

The gateway to everything lies in your connection to that core essence. It's the path to rediscovering your purpose and cultivating the life you've always envisioned.

You don't have to abandon your job or upend your life to make this shift.

The path to wholeness and balance is available to you right now, wherever you are in your life. It's my privilege and joy to accompany you on this journey.

Miscellaneous Facts

About Heather 

Growing up on Air Force bases, I embraced constant moves, nurturing adaptability‚ÄĒan incredible strength that occasionally morphs into my Achilles' heel of people-pleasing.

Now rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area, I live with my husband and two amazing kiddos. However, my heart remains true to Minnesota, where you might catch me slipping in a "you betcha!"

My first jobs were babysitting, corn detasseling (look it up!), boxing post-it notes, and "guest service" at Target. Yep, still shop at Target. 

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