Relight the Fire Podcast

Relight the Fire

Overcome Burnout

Are you feeling the weight of overwhelm, stress, and exhaustion from your professional life, wishing you could reclaim the joy you once had? 

You can trust that Relight the Fire is the resource you've been searching for. Together, we'll navigate the journey to break free from burnout without having to make drastic changes to your career or personal life.

Every week, I'll equip you with practical tools and resources that will empower you to recover from burnout and reclaim your life. Your time is precious, and your well-being is paramount, so we'll find ways for you to care for yourself and the people you love without sacrificing your professional goals.

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Is this Burnout?

How do you know if what you're experiencing really is burnout?

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A Trauma Nurse's Burnout Recovery Story


Natalie Jordy

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Living Life as Sacred


Sia-Lanu Esrella

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